Direct Access


Immediate Access to Specialist Employment Advice

Using the St Philips Employment Public Access Team will give you direct access to an EMPLOYMENT LAW SPECIALIST – someone who works in tribunals and courts, day in and day out, on employment and discrimination law cases.  Whether you’re from a public body, a small company or any other type of organisation, or perhaps you’re an individual who’s got lost in the legal maze of employment and discrimination law, St Philips Public Access Employment Team has a specialist who will get to the heart of your employment problem quickly, efficiently, and at a competitive price.  As the Bar Council says –

“Consumers of legal services are already benefiting from the approachable and high quality service provided by Public Access barristers through:

  • Easy and speedy access to straight to the point, specialist advice
  • Reduced legal costs
  • Greater control over the success of their case
  • Lower financial risk, and
  • Real value for money.”

For Employers

For all businesses employment and discrimination law can be a minefield.  Speaking directly to a specialist barrister, who sees everyday the consequences of employment disputes ending up in the tribunal, can provide reassurance and clear, practical advice from an early stage.  In most cases public access barristers can handle your case up to the tribunal or court hearing if necessary, giving you continuity throughout.

For Employees

Knowing who to turn to when you believe you’ve been discriminated against or when you’ve been dismissed is a real dilemma.  You need to know immediately whether you’ve got real grounds for complaint or not.  Most others offering employment law advice have just a fraction of the experience that we in the St Philips Public Access Employment Team have.  We can offer a clear assessment on the strength of your case, giving you sound advice about whether to issue a claim.  If a claim is started, your employment barrister can assist you in the presentation of your case and represent you at the hearing.

Onward Referral

In certain cases St Philips’ Employment Team will not be able to help you, or it may become apparent at some stage that it is necessary to enlist the assistance of a solicitor to deal with the preparation of your case.  If this happens, we will be happy to recommend an appropriate local firm.

Who’s in St Philips Employment Public Access Team?

The barristers in the employment public access team at St Philips are listed below.  There is a wide range of expertise within the team, all of whose members practice solely or mainly in the field of employment and discrimination law.  With centres in Birmingham and Leeds, we have barristers who can cover all areas of England and Wales.

What Services are Offered?

  • Advisory work in relation to all employment and discrimination disputes
  • Representation at tribunals and courts in all employment and discrimination cases
  • Advisory work during disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements and pre-termination negotiations
  • Delivery of seminars to staff in-house on employment and discrimination issues
  • Mediation of employment and discrimination disputes, both workplace mediation and dispute resolution mediation (Link to mediation page)

What’s the Cost?

For written or face to face advisory work the barrister will usually give a fixed price in advance, having seen what issues and documentation are involved.

Hourly Rates

Barristers’ hourly rates are usually lower than those charged by solicitors due to lower overheads.  Depending on what you want your barrister to do, you will be given a price based on the number of hours that the work is likely to take.

For further information on employment public access fees, please fill out the public access form and forward it on to Gary Carney via email; or fill in the form below.


Bar Council’s Website on public access

Public Access Guidance for Clients (published by the Bar Council)

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