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Stephen Linehan


Stephen Linehan QC is a specialist criminal practitioner, instructed by both prosecution and defence in cases of homicide, fraud, drugs, robbery, blackmail and all other forms of serious crime.

He is a Crown Court Recorder and a Bencher of Lincolns Inn. Outside his court practice, he teaches in the subjects of evidence, criminal investigation, firearms law and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act with particular reference to the admission of evidence obtained by the use of covert surveillance and mobile phone cell site analysis. He regularly appears in the criminal division of the Court of Appeal, most recently in the leading case on low copy number DNA.

In addition to strictly criminal work he is instructed in non-publicly funded work by The Gambling Commission and to represent large companies being prosecuted under Health and Safety Law where death or serious injury has been caused. Examples of this are death in a care home, deaths from legionnaires disease contracted in a hotel and death of workers in the construction industry.


Cases such as murder, child killing and rape in which Stephen has appeared, are believed to be of marginal relevance and have been omitted. Set out below is only a sample of his cases that would be described as involving allegations of professional crime.

  • R v Taylor and others – planned and executed robbery of a large post office by driving a stole Range Rover through the front window immediately after a cash delivery and threatening staff with caustic soda
  • R v Chapman – an armed gang used industrial power saws in an attempt to cut through the doors of a cash handling warehouse. There were additional charges relating to the theft of cash machines
  • R v Doherty and others – arson of mobile homes in order to blackmail the site owner and the tenants into selling at under value
  • R v McCray and others – false imprisonment, Section 18 and blackmail
  • R v Khan and Khan – kidnap and murder (drug dealing)
  • R v Krifsha – conspiracy to kidnap David Beckhams son
  • R v Formby – conspiracy to defraud in relation to training grants
  • R v Chapman – conspiracy to produce amphetamine (the conspiracy formed in prison co-accused claimed he was acting as an informant)
  • R v Gough and others – conspiracy to import cannabis
  • R v Gordon and others – conspiracy to import heroin (the conspiracy formed in prison)
  • R v Harrison and others – conspiracy to import cannabis and amphetamine (one defendant an absconder from prison)


Health & Safety, Corporate & Gross Negligence Manslaughter

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