Lisa Hancox

Call 2006

My Expertise
Lisa Hancox


Lisa has a strong reputation on the Midlands Circuit as an extremely capable jury advocate. She both prosecutes (Grade 3) and defends in the Crown Court. It is her down to earth, common sense approach coupled with sound judgment and persuasive advocacy that results in excellent client relations and jury rapport. Lisa is a popular choice with professional and lay clients for private and legally aided work. Lisa’s ability to skilfully deal with sensitive and difficult cases means she holds a busy practice with particular focus on serious sexual offences.


Lisa has experience in prosecuting and defending cases across a broad range of criminal offences in the Crown Court and has taken cases to the Court of Appeal. Her ability to skilfully deal with sensitive cases and determination to pursue her clients case mean she is often instructed in cases of serious sexual crime and cases involving the especially vulnerable.

Serious Violence

  • R v Johal & Others(December 2015). Instructed by the defence. J, a medical student & prominent figure within the Midlands Sikh community, was acquitted of conspiracy to commit violent disorder following a six week trial. The case was prosecuted by Treasury Counsel. Case involved complex cultural, religious and political issues.
  • R -v- Streete: client acquitted after trial of a section 18 wounding with a knife.
  • R -v- Swinburn: secured conviction for the prosecution in a trial attracting much media attention as a local Pub Landlord rammed his vehicle in to local youths in a revenge attack.

Serious Sexual Offences

  • Operation Barzini (February – May 2016): Client already serving an IPP sentence for previous child sex offences was unanimously acquitted by the Jury of 3 counts of rape of a child following a 3 month trial.
  • R -v- N: represented a youth charged with rape of a girl under 13. Application for Judicial Review of the decision to prosecute resulted in the Prosecution reviewing their charging decision.
  • R –v- Ewers: secured a conviction in a case of historical sexual assault where the child complainant was so psychologically traumatized that she refused to communicate with any male including professionals.
  • R –v- Bromley: Junior counsel for the prosecution in sexual abuse by a care worker of a child in a care home. Very sensitive case attracting much media attention.